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Saturday, August 25 @3:40 PM

Yoz, went to 1AMB dinner last nite, it was really HAVOC...lolx. Mainly it's because that my table has only 4 person sitting, which consist of my 2IC a warrant, Master Lim, Chong Wei & myself!. Imagine 3 bowls of shark fin soup each... LoL.Everything was indeed interesting and a new experience for myself. Especially when it comes to the ARMY.

The night was well planned with minor hiccups with only the magic show. The magician was demostrating the "Fire Eating" stance when he accidently pushed the bottle of keronsene (or some flamable liquid) on the table and it caught fire. He accidently burnt his right hand. I was laughing my heart off...guess I was pretty bad, but after that my PC and some assitants ran up stage and tried to put out the fire which was brought under control.

After that I went to smoke with Ah Yuan which leads me to see the emcee which was Eileen Wee, applying some application on the magician's hand. Talking about Eileen Wee, she looks so much older when I see her in real life. I rememeber seeing her once at Zouk last time, but sadly people do grew older each day and she looks really more to the auntie side. She looks like the photo below last time. Sighz.

Anyways, I have enjoyed myself quite well, even though I din't get to drink the beer much, because I had a HEADACHE. But still I had my free-flow of Orange coloured-Orange flavoured drinks last night! Cheerios!

Invasion of Table


21SA Platoon With 2IC in batman suit.

Thursday, August 23 @9:21 PM

Oh gosh...here am I again...As OJE has ended on Tuesday, Originally I was from 1AMB (Ayer Rajah HQ) and then I was posted to 6AMB(Nee Soon Camp). Upon reaching Nee Soon Camp, I found out that I didn't get the posting at Nee Soon, instead we were tolded by 6AMB to report to 9AMB(Selarang Camp) at Changi Village. Sadly I embarked on a long journey into the Twlight Zone.

Upon arriving at Selarang camp, we were posted to 92FMP at V200 platoon. So that is how I ended up in Clementi Camp.

I chanced upon this clip in youtube. Hope u guys enjoy it. A RnB rap from a MALAYSIAN....

Sunday, July 22 @11:00 PM

Well, I am back. Alot had happen during this one whole month.

1stly, my mom had recovered quite well, and thanks for all you out there who had sms, called and msn me...

2ndly, I manage to catch all the EXTREMELY good shows in June/July - Transformer,Die Hard 4.0, Fantastic 4, Harry Potter, Shrek 3.

3rdly, last week was totally relaxing cause I got Medical Appointment and I recieves 2 day MC.

4thly, my aunt passed away quietly on Sunday night, then I got leave from army from tuesday till thursday. And my friday only halfday (Machiam like Secondary School)

5thly, on coming Friday, it's my BIRTHDAY! woohoo...To even greater surprise, my unit cohesion is from 26th (Thursday) till 28th (Saturday). Which means no need to go!!!

6thly, I am relocated to 21 SA (Singapore Artillery) at Kranji Camp. It's good life as a PRIMUS Technician! Heaven Here!

Yeah! Turing older this coming Friday. Shorter Working Days, More Rest Days!!!
Till then, will update more on my birthday crash!

Monday, June 25 @8:41 PM

Hey, been along time since I last posted. Anyways...for some of you guys don't really know where I had been posted to for training attachment. It's Sungei Gedong Camp. (Lim Chu Kang)

Too many things had happened over the weeks, just last thursday, my mom was admitted into hospital at night, she was peeing heavy flow of blood. And I was so fucking worried that we rush her to SGH (A&E) immediately. We waited from 8pm till 10++, till then we wasn't attended to at all. There was only one doctor available. To make
matter worst, my mom was peeing even more blood and she was feeling faint. Worried I went to 'F' the nurse because their service was too slow, there was no judging the of the condition of the patients at all. There are no special attention to more serious cases. I guess that's what you get when you enter into a Government Hospital. Cause at Mount Alvenia or Mount Elizibeth they tend to you immediately. After consulting the doctor and some X-rays till 4am, my mom was diagnois with Womb infection. She stayed under observation ward.

Thank God, My mom was discharged on saturday, till now she is feel very weak. Hope she can get well soon.

Many people who I had known trembled at the mention of my camp, not because it's tough...but it's like another side of the island. It's located somewhere near choa chu kang and kranji.

So far, life over at Gedong (12FMD) was indeed a new experience for me. There are over 300 tanks and only 30+ turret technician. We had to work our asses off everyday. But I kinda like the system over there, because I can now officially book-in and out in Civilian Clothes, and can report sick outside without worries. No more marching around within camp. Finally a full treatment of a technician.

The cons of being posted to Gedong, was that I have to wake up at 5am EVERYDAY. And take the first bus to Yishun. Luckly, I had a friend who can fetch me to camp every morning, or else I confirm late. Cause if I take public transport, I had to take a train from Serangoon, and ends up in choa chu kang @ 7.15am for shuttle bus down to GEDONG. That would probally kills me.


Sunday, June 3 @2:57 AM

Here's S.H.E's Latest Music Video which I am in love with! Check out Hebe's new short black hair! CHIO ah!

OMG...I think I am really found myself loving S.H.E...It's like, all the while ever since S.H.E existed in the chinese music pop arena, I am quite neutral about them. I can still recall about their very first song. And till now, after so many years, today I manage to catch one of their songs on MTV top 20 countdown, and featuring Number 1 was S.H.E: 听袁惟仁弹吉他 (Ting Yuan Wei Ren Tan Ji Tar).

I was totally amazed on how Ella manage to rap throughout the song! I am extremely in-love with Hebe's new hair style! Omg, I really love Ella and Hebe! Anyway, the meaning of this song is writen to about how appreciate the importance of song writers. They are overworked and underpaid. But the way S.H.E sang the song with rap style and Hebe singing with such good voice I really must say it's the best chinese song I heard this year.

Check out Hebe's New Hair Style! (Extreme Right) RoXoR! -Click to enlarge

Sunday, May 27 @6:13 PM

Oh crap. I can't believe this is a lousy sunday. Was out the whole morning and afternoon. Morning I went to mass, then go to AMK for lunch with Vanessa. Then hop over to Orchard to accompany Vanessa to look around. Even though it was fun, the blazing SUN was killing me, and including the crazy, fantic and slow moving crowd that pisses me off. *Sighz*

Then when I reach home, I noticed all my family was out on a family gathering at Aunt's house. Was pretty upset because I wasn't informed, and I have nothing to eat for DINNER. Haiz...what a lousy sunday. Sundays shouldn't be like that...

Thursday, May 17 @7:10 PM

Hey all, glad that some of you liked the jokes, well, incase some of you guys don't know, on the left side bar, if u scroll lower, u will see the joke of the day. I will update it regularly. =) Cheers! Tomorrow is TGIF again!!


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